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New products

New recipes for meat marinating!

  • Natural meat marinates JUST ADD JUICE by Pripravka it is mix of natural spices which in combination with juice comes out in a special way. Juice substitutes traditional vinegar/wine seeing fruit acids naturally soften the meat and add new bright flavors for traditional barbecue.

  • To prepare marinate is enough to take the package for marinating from the upper compartment of the package, mix seasoning (from the bottom compartment of the package) with 1 kg of the meat in the package for marinating, and add half of the glass or 1 glass any juice.
  • We offer you 4 new flavors for your barbecue/ grilled meat/ meat cooked on the pan or oven with tomato, lemon, orange and apple juice.  

The premiere of the new natural seasonings product line
"Culinary Masterpiece"

Introducing the new product line of natural spices, designed by world famous chef, holder of the title «World Master Chef», TV showman and famous culinary shows presenter - Hector Jimenez-Bravo.



Product line "Culinary Masterpieces" includes 12 natural seasonings from the Chef:

  • 4 seasonings from the serie come with the package for baking
  • 8 seasonings contain spices fried with special technology


Grinders with Himalayan pink salt are new resource of minerals and unique taste of your dish.

  • multiuse grinder;
  • regulate grinding (coarse / fine grinding);
  • glass container;
  • reliable multiuse grinder mechanism was produced in Austria by Joma inc. It identifies its European quality.
  • using only high quality raw material.
  • no glutamates, no flavor enhancers, no flavorings, no aroma compounds, no dyes, no preservatives.
  • Himalayan pink salt contains copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc.
  • Himalayan salt contains 82-92 microelements while kitchen salt contains only 2.
  • due to high iron content pink salt has unique pink color.

New in Exclusive series
Royal Blend of peppers

  • New design which is made in shadow tones keeps succession of last design. It emphasizes product`s premiality.
  • New package allows consumers notice the product and evaluate exclusive quality with transparent window on the back side.
  • New recipe. Royal Blend of peppers is mix of qualitative pink, green, white and black pepper.


New recipes for meat marinating!