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Employee’s code



  • Always to fulfill one’s professional commitments on high level of competency. To follow the rules and instructions distinctly everywhere where the regulations and standards are employed;
  • To find the variants and ways of problem solving actively and purposefully on one’s own. To be ready to the fact, that the question resolving may require certain efforts;
  • To Use the principle: ‘Don’t you know? Find somebody who knows and ask him!’;
  • To be able to make decisions and bear responsibility for them;
  • To take an initiative on oneself, to be able to involve other competent employees for problem solving;
  • To be able to pass one’s opinion, to dialogue constructively with the management of any level;
  • To respond quickly to the changes, be opportunistic, to be able to change one's approach;
  • To be competent and lettered. To strive for self-development, to improve constantly the level of one’s skill and knowledge;
  • To turn from achievement of one goal to the start of work under the other;
  • To take upon oneself more than job description requires;
  • To plan one’s time competently and efficiently. To work till the moment the result is got, but not when the working day is over;
  • To answer not only for oneself but for the others. To be able to take the responsibility, not to shift the responsibility onto the colleagues;
  • To work efficiently on several tasks at the same time;
  • To solve the problems constructively. Not to fuel conflicts and not to take part in them. To remember it’s important not to find a guilty but to solve an assigned task;
  • To be able to work in a team. To respect other people and oneself. To trust the colleagues, and learn to inspire confidence in turn;
  • To save resources of the company. To assume the manner “Saved money is the earnings”.
  • To find a literate compromise between private and working issues. If necessary, to sacrifice personal time;
  • To try to refuse from bad habits which the colleagues, clients and contractors don’t like;
  • To demonstrate by one’s appearance one’s high professional level and high level of the company. To keep up neatness, elegance, to avoid to excess frivolity in clothes;
  • To keep oneself fit, be physically developed, to be engaged in fitness, sport, tourism; to travel or just to lead an active life. Young and healthy staff is a recipe for company’s success.

         How many points are you according to? Test yourself.