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About the company

Dear partners!



I invite You to cooperation with PE "SPS" company and TM “Pripravka”.


In 2000 we, together with our partners, founded the "SPS" company. We began from importing spices to Ukraine and packing them for retail consumer. We wanted the consumer to have an opportunity to use both traditional and rich exotic spices and seasonings. Back then we strived to be the first among manufacturers of natural high-quality seasonings.


In 2004 ‘Pripravka’ TM was registered, equipment was updated, Italian packaging lines were set up, and the production of completely natural seasonings had begun under this trade mark.


Today "Pripravka" TM is a national brand which shows steady rise in demand in all regions of Ukraine. "Pripravka" has high distribution coverage and is available at national retail chains. Additionally, we export our products to 11 countries around the world. We offer consumer the products of excellent quality in the average and premium segments. Our initial stake in the quality and the wholesomeness of ingredients was correct. 


As a result, the "SPS" company develops rapidly and increases its production. We are grateful to all of the partners we have been working with for a long time. And we are always open to making business with you in Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and other countries!


Andrey Zinchuk